Wednesday, January 25, 2012

A few baby months behind

Funny how my sis can motivate me through her blog to get my butt in gear and catch up on pics! She was a few months behind in posting about Graham's monthly cuteness and, I too, am a few months behind in posting Abigail's little growing girly face. Here she is... my little lovey

The first few months she was always cute laying on the floor but now, she is learning new things! I love to catch what she is learning and working on for that particular month. 

3 months
I had way too much fun experimenting with different hairstyles for her!

 4 months
Just learning how to sit up. She is concentrating hard on balancing in that Bumbo

5 months
Sitting up all by herself and loving it

6 months
Learning how to crawl! She tries so hard to be "on the move". She's my little busy body

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Bry said...

omg! i want to squeeze those cheeks!!! she is edible :)