Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A special outing...

Jeter had a very special outing on Saturday. He was a guest at Katrina and Jeff's new place for the day. Brandon and I made our way out to Orange County to search for a new place to live and then we had plans to go to Huntington Beach to celebrate my beautiful friend Brittany's birthday. It would have been a long time to leave Jeter at home by himself so Katrina happily volunteered to watch him for us (he's still only 11 weeks old). He was a good little boy for her! She sent me pictures throughout the night to let me know how he was doing. He was being very helpful when Ewan was taking a bath and kept Katrina company when she was on the computer; he was so generous to fall asleep on the part of the keyboard that she didn't need to use. He had a great time Katrina! Thank You!

(He also met some very special friends, Tom and Samantha, who live in the same complex as Katrina)

Monday, March 15, 2010

Can't get much better...

The time change was in our favor, the weather was perfect, the fire was started, friends and family were gathered, what a great way to celebrate Spring! We had a big Argentine BBQ on Sunday and we could not have asked for a better day! In honor of our first BBQ of the year, I made a request for our friends Lissy, Ernie, and baby Vincent to come down and grub; they happily obliged. They brought with them some delicious queso fresco and some amazing choco flan. What a treat! We love our friends! Thanks dad for cooking such an
amazing meal!

Great Friends

I made some changes to our blog and started a list of things we are doing in the future. The first thing on our list was bowling with Lindsay and Ian. We were so looking forward to a fun evening until we arrived at the bowling alley and they told us that there was some kind of leak and they weren't opening any lanes. Instead of wasting the night, we decided to improvise. We got some yummy drinks at the Yardhouse and our great friends shared their wealth of free movie tickets and treated us to a movie. We finally got to see Alice in Wonderland! It was superb night filled with so much laughter!
We love you two and baby!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oldies but goodies

It is a running joke that when Jeff and Katrina move, Jeff is constantly trying to give stuff away because Katrina likes to keep everything, I'm assuming for sentimental values but I'm not sure. Katrina, what's the reason?! ;) Anyways, Jeff tried to give us bookshelves, clothes, a golf bag, furniture, and his tv (Katrina said a big "no" to the tv giveaway). We ran away with a computer screen, a neon sign, and this perfectly framed picture!
This was the day we went to the KZLA bash with them, Corey, Alex, and Katrina's friend Mary and her boyfriend. Saying that we had a blast that day would be an understatement. Never have we had so much fun at a concert. We were all cowboys and cowgirls for the day.
Great memories!

If you look closely at the top picture of Jeff and Katrina, you will see that Jeff's hat is signed by *SheDaisy!

Shout out to my nephew

I have this picture as my Facebook profile picture and I absolutely love it! His smile brings me such joy! I treasure the moments that I get to spend with my sweet little nephew.
This is a shout out to you, Ewan! I love you bunches!

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Rise and Shine!

This is my new wake up call! A little puppy sitting right on top of me just waiting for me to open my eyes so we can play. I used to wake up to a very annoying alarm clock on my phone but now I have Jeter licking my face. This little puppy makes us so happy!