Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Showered with love

A beautiful shower, thrown by beautiful people, on a beautiful day, surrounded by beautiful loved ones, to celebrate my beautiful baby girl to be.

Love my family :)

Decorating and personalizing baby clothes!

Always a few pregos in the house ;)

High school friends

Amazing friends!

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Yesterday my wonderful husband threw me a surprise birthday party with family and friends. Such a wonderful treat and so nice of everyone to drive to RSM to celebrate. My lovely family got me some great gifts, including a Flip video camera to record the baby! We were testing it out yesterday, so here is our very first video. We actually made this for Brandon's mom so she could see the baby's room all done :)

Abigial's room from Felicia Lykins on Vimeo.

Friday, May 27, 2011

Dr.'s orders...

Saw my Dr. on Wednesday and everything looks great! She said, start thinking about getting a carseat... well, little did she know I was way ahead of her! My lovely mom and dad got me this great travel system, carseat included, and Brandon put it together for me last night. We were practicing folding it up and taking the carseat in and out... o we had fun :) But we LOVE it! Thanks mom and dad!!!

Read and researched

Didn't take me long to go through this book and write some notes about what I would talk to the pediatrician about. I have researched this topic before but I feels very personal now because I want to make sure I am aware and ready for this process to start. Some may think this is not a big deal or have no opinion about it but its definitely worth getting informed about! This is a very unbiased book with great information.

Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Done and Done

Finally we are done with the baby's room! Big relief! I'm so proud of Brandon for refinishing most of the furniture for me and working hard to get it done.

This was the project that ended up taking me much more time than I had expected but I love the finished product.

Big props to Brandon for finding those perfect green curtains for only a $1 a panel!

Friday, May 13, 2011

Get excited!

Baby bedding has arrived! Okay, so you don't have to get as excited as me but I still thought I'd share this picture of it all put together. I love it so! Thank goodness for Target and their amazing deals on all things baby. You can also see in the picture that cute little table in the corner that I found at a thrift store, Brandon stripped it down and painted white for me. I love the little basket at the bottom, I plan on putting some cute stuffed animals in it. Brandon and I are very happy with the way the room is turning out, especially since we found a great deal of things at thrift stores and refinished ourselves, including a cute little light green shelf that I found at a thrift store today for only $2.99! It was in great condition so I snatched it right up! We have made a pact to finish the room this weekend because next weekend is my shower and I would like everything to be organized before then. So, tomorrow Brandon is painting 2 walls purple, my friend Sam is helping me finish my framing project, and then on Sunday we are hanging everything on the walls and putting everything in its proper place. Pictures will be up soon!

Friday, May 6, 2011

A few fun photos

I work in a building that has many perks, and it just so happens that buy.com is the sister company to the company that I work for, and they have their studio where they film and shoot in my building. The director of buy.com/buy.tv graciously offered to take a few fun pregnancy photos of me in their studio. Such a special treat and a blessing to get these unexpected photos done on just a regular Monday at work. There is many more but they are not yet touched up, so I will be waiting patiently to see the rest.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lovely Saturday

I love that we live so close to so many beautiful places, including this one, Dana Point harbor. Brandon and I spent a lovely Saturday morning there with Jeter. We got my favorite breakfast craving to-go, Denny's french toast (Yum!), and ate it on the beach. Then we walked with Jeter over to the Wag-A-Thon on Dana Island. Jeter loved all the friendly dogs roaming around. The weather could not have been anymore perfect!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Getting organized

Looks like we forgot to unpack a few things! What we really did was neatly stack these boxes in the spare bedroom closet when we moved and were unpacking, shut the door and just left them in there! I guess we didn't need anything in these boxes. In an effort to organize the baby's room yesterday, I had Brandon drag out all these boxes so I could go through them and condense them down and take anything out that we need, the rest is garage or trash bound. I managed to do a fairly decent job and throw away a lot, and now Brandon just has to take them out to the garage and the baby's closet will be empty! I already feel more organized :)

On another note, my lovely husband is also almost done refinishing all my thrift store and Craigslist furniture for the baby's room. I can't wait to post the finished products! I also can't wait until the dresser is completely done so I can start washing her sweet little clothes and putting them away.

While I was going through all the boxes, I found this little gem that I made for Brandon back in 2005 as an anniversary gift. I love all our young, fun, dating pictures displayed in here.

In the middle of the frame is this poem. It still means as much to me today as it did then.
Love you babe!