Saturday, April 25, 2009

What is going on with us

Brandon and I have a lot ahead of us for this year. Mostly, we are looking forward to our one year anniversary, Brandon's 30th birthday and finding a beautiful home. Right now we are both working a ton of hours but for a good cause (a future home). However, we still know how to take a break and have fun. Here is a picture of us having a blast bowling at Lucky Strike!

Finally, a chance to blog

I am so thankful I finally have time to blog! A few weeks ago Brandon was in Corey and Becca's wedding. Their wedding was beautiful and Brandon was honored to be a groomsman. Since, Brandon, Katrina, and Jeff were all in the wedding, my lovely date for the evening was my beautiful nephew, Ewan. I took care of him for half the reception, then handed him off to his mom and then me and Brandon danced the night away! While we were eating, dancing and having a great time, it caused us to look back on our gorgeous wedding and made us feel so blessed and lucky to have each other.

The wedding party (Brandon is the 3rd groomsman out from the middle)

Me, my date Ewan and Katrina

Me and Brandon after the ceremony

At the reception

Having fun at the end of the evening