Friday, January 21, 2011

Happy Thoughts

I was inspired, yet again, through a fellow blogger to make a list of all the simple everyday things in life that make me happy. It makes you sit down and think about the little things that really matter. Its good for the soul, so good ahead, try it, make your happy list!

1. Hearing my husband coming up the stairs after a long day at work

2. My sweet pup snuggling with me in the morning

3. Making dinner for Brandon

4. Getting an “I miss you” text from a friend

5. Reading the new US Weekly

6. A vacuumed house

7. Seeing my nephew or hearing his sweet little voice on the phone

8. Fresh flowers

9. Lighting a good smelling candle

10. Hearing great worship music on the radio

11. Slipping my wedding ring on everyday

12. A hot shower

13. Going for a walk around the lake

14. A good drink from Starbucks

15. A piece of chocolate

16. A phone call from my mom or dad

17. A full tank of gas

18. A little bit of sunshine in the fall and winter months

Monday, January 3, 2011

2010... What a difference a year makes

I stole this idea from my friend Aarean's super cute blog; a picture from each month in 2010. Today I went searching through my pictures and through my brain to remember each month from 2010. Brought back some good memories!

--- January ---
This picture was taken Jan. 1st while we were still in New York city celebrating the New Year. Such an amazing trip!

--- February ---
We picked up our sweet little puppy Jeter. He has brought so much joy to our lives, we couldn't have asked for a better dog.

--- March ---
This was our very first Gorria bbq of the year with our special guests, the Medina family. I think we had bbq's every Sunday after that!

--- April ---
Happy Easter! We spent the holiday at my grandfathers as part of our yearly Easter tradition.

--- May ---
Happy Birthday to Me! Celebrated with a girls night out of cocktails and the new Sex and the City movie.

--- June ---
Congrats to two of my amazing friends, Samantha and Lindsay. They had their baby showers in the same weekend in two different counties. Worth every mile, I love them.

--- July ---
Happy Birthday Jared! We celebrated by going out to lunch and then to Knott's Berry Farm. Spent all day at the park in the beautiful sunny southern California weather.

--- August ---
Happy Birthday Brandon, Ewan and Mom! We have a lot of birthdays in our family and we always have a blast celebrating. This was also the month Katrina announced baby #2!

--- September ---
Happy 2nd wedding anniversary to us! We celebrated this occasion by getting some beautiful anniversary photos done at the Santa Rosa Plateau. It was also a great excuse to get into my wedding dress again ;)

--- October ---
A very fun and festive Halloween. This was also the month we found out we were expecting! I had to pretend to drink at this Halloween party because we had just found out and we were still getting used to the news ourselves. No one suspected a thing!

--- November ---
A very exciting Thanksgiving! This is when we shared the baby Lykins news with my family in a very special way. We also had some special guests at our Thanksgiving table, the pastor who married us and his family.

--- December ---
Holidays and more! I realized while I was searching for pictures for this post that I had barely taken any pictures for this holiday season. I am going to blame it on not feeling like myself through this first trimester, but really, I just kept forgetting to charge my camera.

Here's to a great 2011, and hopefully many more amazing memories, and a charged camera :)