Wednesday, January 11, 2012

2011: A look back

With the new year upon us and Abigail turning 6 months old tomorrow it made me take a look back at last year and all the memories...

January 2011: 
Whole fam started out the New Year at a very fun wedding

February 2011:
At 5 months pregnant I got in a bad accident but luckily Abigail and I got out safe and sound with just a few bruises

March 2011: 
Graham was born! Love my nephews

April 2011: 
Our cousin Romi and her boyfriend Julian visited from Argentina

May 2011: 
Baby shower for Abigail! Couldn't have happened on a prettier day

June 2011: 
Couldn't take a look back and not show my huge belly at 9 months pregnant

July 2011: 
Abigail was born! 5 days late and an 18 hour labor... worth every minute!

August 2011:
Brittany got married and I was proud to stand by her side as her matron of honor

September 2011: 
3rd wedding anniversary AND my biggest selling month on Esty!

October 2011: 
Happy Halloween and o so much fun dressing up my daughter and my pup (A flower and her bee)

November 2011: 
Happy Thanksgiving! Special first holiday season with Abigail

December 2011: 
Our first family Christmas

So many memories to cherish! Thank you Lord for all you have blessed us with!

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