Thursday, December 29, 2011

Sunny Cali baby

Abigail got these adorable sunglasses for Christmas from her Aunt Katrina. She got to break them in at the Spectrum the other day while shopping with mama. She is quite the stylish orange county baby. 

Love little Grahamy-bear in the back eying Abigail's bow. He loves to pull her bows out of her hair :)


AaReAn said...

ha this is hilarious! Oh and Felicia...YOU WON the blanket!!!!! So email me your address and I'll forward it on to the Soft Surroundings...and tell me what color you want!!! Congrats congrats! What are the odds right?!?! So happy for ya! xoxo

Lindsay @ Delighted Momma said...

Ohhhhh my cuteness!! Such a big girl!